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What We Have Done

Our founder Joey Zee was touched by the plight of the beautiful children at Bethsaida Community children’s home in Kenya, and that became our first project. This project birthed the idea of setting up this public charity to reach more children in need. The home is located in Kenya with one location in Nairobi city and the other in the outskirts of Nairobi in Yatta town. The home houses orphaned and abandoned children from different parts of the country and try to provide them with basic needs and they do so with minimal resources. The proprietor of the home is Pastor Hika Kamau and his wife, Julia.

In line with our mission, we have tried to improve the lives of these children the best way we can. We had two phases of projects. The Nairobi home was lacking in so many ways, and this is where we started off. We saw it fit to get them good bedding and blankets for the beds.

The other home in Yatta is in an arid area, and access to clean water was a big challenge. The children had to go to a very small waterhole and queue for hours to get water that was not very hygienic for their everyday use. The struggle to get water was a burden to the children as they did not have enough time after school to relax and play.

With our support, the home was able to have a well dug measuring about 50 feet. The well is supported by a solar power pump making the pumping of water to storage tanks easy. Access to clean water has dramatically improved the children’s lives. With a water source in the home, the proprietors have been able to start self-sustaining projects. for instance, a kitchen garden has been set up to grow fresh vegetable for the home.

Our second project was the upgrading of beds in the dormitories. Some of the beds in the dorms were worn out and needed replacement. With our help, the home has purchased new bunk beds, and the children are going to have some quality sleep.

With your kind help, the children at Bethsaida have their lives improving by the day.


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